Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Personal Productivity Tools

I just thought I would take a minute to let you all know about some tools I use in my personal business. One of the newest things that I have done is to setup a new phone number and fax services on the internet. While I still have a fax machine it is nice to be able to send and receive faxes electronically and view them wherever I happen to be. I figured why not make my phone and fax as unique as my business.
This has worked out well and yes it has boosted my productivity.

I have also started purchasing my ink cartridges online. I used to only buy the name-brand cartridges from the big office store. I was concerned with quality. I got tired of paying for GAS and for ink and toner Supplies. Think about it that one trip started getting pretty expensive. So i checked out and got some relief in this area of my business expenses.

Have a productive day.

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