Monday, April 16, 2007

To a more productive morning

If you are like me many of you are probably least productive first thing in the morning. It takes several cups of coffee and a trip to the vending machine to wake up. Then you sit down to work through some e-mail, and get side tracked reading the news and checking the scores and stats from the previous night because you missed sports center. Okay maybe that last part is just me. Anyway then your up to make your morning rounds chatting and making small talk about nothing in particular. Finally about 10:30 or 11:00 you feel alert and ready to face the day. Of course then you look at the clock and realize that if you started the project now you couldn't finish before lunch and so you decide to just do the whole lot of it in the afternoon. Another cup of coffee, or so, a few more idle, hopefully not idol, conversations, and you are off to lunch. All in all a very productive morning..

If this bears any resemblance to you let me give you some suggestions that help me. TAKE A NAP. Enough with the humor, or attempted humor. Actually the key is exactly what your mother told you all those years. Eat a well balanced breakfast. This is the number one key to a productive morning. Inlclude in this a nice large glass of water and a multi-vitamin. There you go. More energy, better mood, and as a result more productive.

I also recommend reading this artivcle it is very good. Some things don't apply to all people but that is okay it has some good advice in it.

later all and have a profitable and productive day.

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