Tuesday, September 4, 2007

5 Ways To Regain Motivation After A Long Weekend

I don't know about all of you but the day after a long weekend is always tough for me. It is hard to get going and find that motivation to do any work. I always just try and take it easy for a bit in the morning. No reason to over do it! Relax, have a cup or two of coffee, slog through a few emails, head down the hall and chat a bit, then get to work. In this way I liken the return to work as a return to a discarded exercise regimen; You've got to ease back into it or it will kick your butt.

  1. Light exercise - calisthenics
  2. This is a great way to get the blood flowing in the morning and will give you more energy throughout your day. Many Japanese practice this every day.

  3. Find the "happy" "peppy" person in your office
  4. Find that person, you know who they are, that just seems to have a bit more pep than most. Carry on a conversation with them and you will find that pep will rub off.

  5. Spend a minute to clean and organize your desk
  6. Get everything organized and back in shape so you aren't distracted and overwhelmed by clutter.

  7. Pick an small easy task and complete it first
  8. This could be something simple as step 3 above or clearing out your email inbox. If you immediately start in on something tedious you will get bogged down.

  9. Take a few extra short breaks
  10. I know this sounds a bit counterproductive but you don't need to try and run a marathon. It is okay to stop and take a few extra breaks today. Don't take long drawn out mega breaks. Keep them short, 5 minutes or less, and just get up and walk around chat a bit, get coffee, and then get back to it.

These are a few things that really help me after a long weekend or a vacation. That first day back is always tough, especially in the morning. What do you do to motivate yourself and make it through the day? Do you even have trouble after a few days off?

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