Sunday, September 23, 2007

$50 Cold Hard Cash For Being Wrong!

Guess my favorite Gourmet Chef. You don't even have to be right to win! I am running a contest at my other blog Profitable Productive Blogging. The rules are below.

The Rules
  1. Post an article with your guess on your blog linking back to the contest article using the keywords Stripping Aristologist. There also needs to be one more link back to the Profitable Productive Blogging home page of using the keywords Profitable Affiliate Marketing. Got it? Two links required.

  2. Example: Profitable Productive Blogging a blog about Profitable Affiliate Marketing is running a contest The Stripping Aristologist where you can win $50 cash and a bonus prize valued at $25. The contest is to guess Cman's favorite gourmet chef. The winner is picked at random from all entries so you don't have to be right to win. If the winner is right however, they will win a bonus prize valued at $25.

  3. Post a comment to the contest post including your guess and a link to your entry post. The entries will be sequentially assigned numbers in the order the comments are received. These assigned numbers will be your entry number.

  4. To be valid entries must include the post on your blog with your guess and both required links, and the comment to the Contest Post at Profitable Productive Blogging with your guess and link to your post.

  5. A winning number will be generated at random using the number generator at

  6. Here is the good part. If the random winner also correctly guesses Cman's favorite Gourmet Chef they will win a second bonus prize.

  7. Contest runs through Monday, October 15, 2007 4:00 P.M. CST.

The Prize!

  1. The random entry winner will receive what we all like the best CASH, $50 to be exact.

  2. If the above winner also correctly guesses Cman's favorite gourmet chef I will award a bonus prize of a $25 gift certificate to their choice of Boca Java Coffee, or Dale and Thomas Popcorn as Seen on Rachel Ray!. Here is a hint Rachel Ray is not the answer.
There it is. Good luck to all of you and if you just can't wait head on over to some of the sites mentioned above and try out some of the great products. Like I said, I have tried them all, love 'em, and highly recommend them.

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