Saturday, September 15, 2007

Extra Medium?

Okay, just sitting here wondering once again why they make extra small, hereafter referred to as XS, and extra large, hereafter referred to as XL, but they don't make extra medium, hereafter referred to as XM. No I have not lost it and yes I know what medium means. Let me explain and maybe you can understand a bit better.

I used to be a medium. No problems everyone has mediums and things seemed to fit just fine. Then I got the bright idea of working out, lifting weights and what not. Well I've bulked up a bit, and have now run into a bit of a problem. My mediums no longer fit quite the way they used to. They are tight and bunch a bit in the shoulders and chest. Okay so I took this as a sign that I needed to move up to a large. NOPE. Didn't work. It looked like I was swimming in fabric, and wearing clothes that don't fit makes you look bad and cheap. I like my clothes to look as close to tailored, and even have some done, as possible. I also like them to be comfortable.

Okay, sorry back to the XM stuff. For people that are smaller than small they have XS. Good solution. For folks that are larger than large they have XL. Another good answer to the obesity problems. Not only that they extend these ranges for the tiniest and largest amongst us. XXS and 3 or even 4XL anyone. But what about me? I feel like an under-served demographic in this country that are actually pretty close to normal. I'm not fat, well according to the BMI charts I am borderline obese. My thoughts on those charts is for another time though. I'm not quite a medium yet not quite a large. Hence the need for XM.

Funny thing is I have thought this out way too much. They could have XM+ and XM-, you know above and below M. That way you get those that are like me and the ones that are between M and S. See XM is a great solution to the problem. Hey I have always been told don't come with problems come with solutions. So here I am for all of you designers and powers that be in the clothing and fashion industries bringing you a solution. An idea whose time has come.

Of course I could just make sure that I only by medium shirts that are stretch. That has been working also. Nah....Bring on the XM+!

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