Sunday, September 23, 2007

Headphones, Plugins, and Headphones that Plug In

FiddyP is having a contest giving away some sweet looking headphones. Seeing that I love music, and I love great sounding music even more, I would love to win this contest. I followed the link he had in his post and checked out the specs on these headphones and not only do they look incredibly cool they have great specs and thus I would hope great sound.

The great thing about FiddyP's contest is that you can enter multiple times. You can make a unique post about it for a maximum of once a week for 3 weeks for a maximum of 3 entries, the contest is ending October 10th, so if you start this week you can just get in your 3 entries.

Head on over to the FiddyP blog and poke around a bit and enter the contest if you like. You should also check out some of the really nice WordPress Plugins. He has a couple of StumbleUpon plugins that are pretty cool.

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FiddyP said...

good luck on this contest, the draw is in a couple of hours!