Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Dislike Dentists

This year, in late summer, I had to go into the dentist to have a filling replaced. The left side of my tongue has been numb since. It has been getting better and will eventually be back to normal but it has been annoying to say the least.

Now just the other day the filling cracked and part of it fell out. I was with some friends at Chicago Bulls game and the pain was no joke. I was trying to be manly but it was embarassing not being able to drink cold drinks without wincing. Now I am looking at having to return to the dentist. The only problem with that is due to the remaining numbness in my tongue I can't receive a shot to numb my mouth for the fix. So I either just live with the busted filling until feeling comes back and I can be numbed or I can just have them fix it without any additional shots.

I got some good news from the other day about this problem. I guess there is a product called Dentemp OS. This is an FDA approved OTC product you can purchase at a pharmacy. It is a type of dental cement that works great for temporary dental repair of fillings and loose caps. I guess it only takes about 60 minutes to set up, there is no mixing, and I can temporarily fix my busted filling myself. It also has pain relievers in the product so in addition to fixing the problem it also relieves the pain associated with the problem. Now I can wait to have it permanently fixed after I can be numbed again.

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