Monday, October 15, 2007

Mosquito - Small Things CAN Make A Difference

If you think something small can't make a difference, try going to sleep with a mosquito in the room. How about lingerie? That is small, but man can it make a difference in the mood, over say a flannel nightgown :). Small things can and will make a difference. It doesn't take a million dollar necklace, or a 'round-the-world trip. It only takes "that" look, a smile, a compliment, a hand, a touch, a hug.

To many times in life small things get left undone in the pursuit of "big" things that never seem to get accomplished. When things finally come to an end you oft times will find it was the accumulation of small things done or left undone that was the undoing or the glue that held everything together.

Take some time today to reflect on some small things you are doing that are causing problems. Or small things you aren't doing that could bring about positive results. Call your wife or husband for no reason at all but just to say you love them and how happy you are to be with them, then hang up.

If you stop doing the little things for your husband or wife and you will quickly find that little things undone become "big" points of resentment and discontentment. You see in my opinion love depends not on what a person does for you, but what you do for that person. I am certainly no relationship expert, but I was just pondering and thinking today and thought I would share that thought with you.

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