Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Evil Link Bait Scheme

Some of you may have read my post Cman Quits! Site 4 Sale! over at Profitable Productive Blogging. Well I have to admit that I'm not really quitting and the blog(while I did get a good offer) is not for sale. I was having a bit of an evil moment and decided to try a little link bait scheme. Well the results are in and guess what? Moderate success. I did receive some links and it brought me some good BlogRush traffic(shock!). My overall traffic numbers did see a bit of a spike and since I mentioned updates via RSS the subscriber numbers bumped up as well. All positives but honestly not quite as high as I had hoped.

Another positive was that I did get a decent bid for the blog that was higher than the minimum I had in mind. I won't reveal the person or the bid but I have contacted that person before this so that they were aware that the blog really wasn't for sale and to thank them for their interest. I did ask though that they not post about it until after me. That is if they wanted to at all.

Well, overall the results were mixed. I probably won't do anything like that again. At least in the near future. I'm too much of a nice guy to do evil things like that.

Happy Halloween to you all. Don't eat all your candy in one sitting!

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Lori aka A Cowboy's Wife said...

If I was there, I would slap the hec out of you!!

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