Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bachelor Pad Makeover

All guys, bachelor or not, need a space to call their own. A place to crash, drink beer (or whatever), watch the game, and hang with friends. To me a guys space should be comfortable, functional, and easily maintained. The individual choices made in interior design and home furniture is what gives a home its personality. I think a guys space really needs to reflect his personality. The space really needs to versatile and have pieces that have multiple functions.

In my space I like lots of large comfortable seating. Reclining sofas, chairs, media seating, etc.. I also want functional yet attractive tables to hold all the chips, drinks, and other food while watching sports, movies, or playing cards. I like a large chair or couch with and a couple ottomans for footrests for those without recliners or they can function as extra seating. Stylistic, yet functional, pieces like bar stools, ottomans, storage benches and wine racks can make a guy's space truly unique. Ottomans can be used for benches, seating, storage, as coffee tables, or just for looks.

So guys why don't you ask for a guy's room makeover for Christmas. Ladies why don't you give your guy a space he can truly call his own. You would be surprised how reasonable and inexpensively you can redo a space. What kinds of furniture or accessories are on your wish list? What types of things would you purchase to express your individual personality?

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Anonymous said...

I know that Bar stools in a Bachelor pad is a necessity!

Proletariatof1 said...

Well thank you tom for that little advertisement. I do think bar stools are a necessity.