Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gorillas In "The Mist"

Well well what can I say. I love scary movies and this time of year there are always quite a few available. I have seen several over the last week or so. There is one coming out in a couple of weeks I would like to see. It is The Mist by Stephen King. I am looking forward to this movie being a good scary and suspenseful movie.

Media adaptations of Stephen King's work have been spotty over the years with some being very good and many very very bad. With many of the best being more dramatic in nature than scary or suspenseful. The best early stuff would probably be Carrie, The Shining, Cujo, and Children of the Corn. Mid to late 80's brought us Stand By Me, Running Man, and Pet Sematary. The early 90's brought us, in my opinion, the best works based on King, Misery and The Shawshank Redemption.

My favorite movie based on a Stephen King work would without a doubt be The Shawshank Redemption. This really isn't a suspenseful movie though and more of a dramatic film. My favorite suspenseful work by King would have to be the story Secret Window, Secret Garden from Four Past Midnight. The first time I was introduced to this book was a complete unabridged audio reading my James Woods. That audio book has to be my all time favorite. The movie adaptation starring Johny Depp was well done but really lacked some of the impact of the book.

Like I said earlier the newest suspense/thriller movie based on a King work is "The Mist." After watching the trailers and reading some of the early buzz and reviews about the "The Mist" I would have to say I am going to head out and see it. The movie is about a group of people that become trapped in a local grocery store after a strange mysterious storm envelops everything in "The Mist." The story though really focuses as much on the human element as it does on the "monster in the mist" element.
The story is less about the monsters outside than about the monsters inside, the people you're stuck with, your friends and neighbors breaking under the strain.
— Film Director Darabont on The Mist

David(the main character in the movie) begins to wonder what terrifies him more: the monsters in the mist-or the ones inside the store, the human kind, the people that until now had been his friends and neighbors? In this legendary tale of terror from master storytell Stephen King, the thin veneer of civilization is stripped away, the masks are discarded, and the true horror is revealed as us.

I really think because of that this film will shine. The movies based more on the great human "monster" characters King writes and less on the "monsters" have always been the best. I am going to go see this movie, and if you like suspense it looks like a good choice.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I've been patiently waiting for this movie for quite some time. I'm hoping for a mostly faithful adaptation but I've heard that the ending will be a little different from the movie.

Proletariatof1 said...

I have to say that I really am looking forward to seeing this one.