Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Great Inexpensive Way To Cruise The Beach

Christmas is coming and I have a perfect gift idea for under $100. Living on the shores of Lake Michigan with it's beautiful beaches and monsterous sand dunes is wonderful. How about getting that special someone a beach cruiser for Christmas. What do you think?

I found a company, XYZ Bikes, that has a huge selection of beach cruisers and they are all only $88. The bikes look great, the price is great, and they have bikes for all ages.

What is XYZ Bikes brand name?

XYZ Bikes is our own brand name. We are Internet based start up company specializing in selling beach cruiser bicycles. XYZ Bikes is brand name which we have developed. We contract OEM manufacturers to produce beach cruisers based on our design specifications. Our company is currently based in Las Vegas, NV and in the process of opening branch/warehouse in Southern California. Our motto is:

XYZ Bikes = Good cheap bikes

We don’t intend to spend big money on advertising or other promotion. Our goal is to keep very low prices and if we have big advertising budge we couldn’t do that. We want to keep operation expenses very low and pass the savings to our customers. Please help us by spreading word. Tell your friends about XYZ Bikes. Let them come to our website and purchase from us directly. We don’t want to use classic retail resellers like most of our competition. Retail resellers usually add 50% mark up and customer must pay too much for their bikes. Our goal is to sell cheap directly to customers.

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