Saturday, November 24, 2007

Is Tutoring A Good Idea For A Child

I have always wondered whether or not to enter my daughter into a tutoring program. She has been struggling this year with math and I thought she might need something new and innovative to spark her interest. She hasn't struggled with math in the past but this year she started a new school and it has been a struggle. I have been looking for an Innovative Tutor and think I may have found the solution. I have visited a Score! facility and am very impressed with the people and the programs that they offer. Score! educational centers are a part of the Kaplan family, They work with children in grades pre-K through 10th grade to help them achieve their goals and reach their academic potential in math, reading, spelling and writing. Their programs include personal academic coaching, positive reinforcement, and a customized curriculum that adapts to each child's pace and learning needs. I feel this could be a great benefit to my daughter and am looking forward to her start in the Score! program here in the Chicago area. Do you think that a tutoring program or center is a good Idea for a child? Have you had a child in Score!? Could you give me your opinion.

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