Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Nature Of Time And Eternity?

Maybe it is just me but growing up, and even now, I always used to wonder that if eternity is a state without time how does everything happening at once work? How do you keep things organized when there is no linear movement of time?

What if, and it might seem a bit paradoxical at first, time is just the sum of multiple infinities. You may be asking how can infinites combine to create the finite? Well consider my next point. What is the sum of 1/3 and 2/3? 3/3 right? Okay now what is the sum of the decimal representation of the fractions? .3333 repeating and .6666 repeating? .9999 repeating right? Now I won't go into mathematical proofs about why .9999 repeating does or does not = 1, but here you have an example of two infinite repeating decimals coming together to form a finite integer.

If God is an infinite number of infinities then would His creation be the finite result of the sum of some of those infinities? Is eternity simply a construct wherein infinities don't combine to form finite periods of time? Or is eternity a construct wherein infinite infinites combine to form an infinite number of finite times?

Sorry to get so deep this early in the morning but I was pondering this and thought I would share it with you and get your thoughts on the matter.

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