Monday, November 26, 2007


Here is some information for those of you looking to blog for money and make a bit of extra cash online. And hey if after all the Google pagerank issues of the past month you are still doing paid links and paid posting then let me point you to another good paid posting site. The site is Smorty. What Smorty stands for or means I have no idea. What Smorty is is a PayPerPost type of a site with a few added benefits. So if you are looking for another revenue stream in your making money online ventures you might want to check out Smorty.

My first impression of the program is a positive on. I like the interface and control panel and the opps seem to be pretty decent. The user control panel and account management front end are not quite as robust as that of PayPerPost. That being said, the opportunities available pay very well and there are a decent amount of them. There aren't as many as you might get from the big boy but enough to be a nice supplement to other paid posting sources.

One big advantage I see with Smorty over PayPerPost is that they pay weekly. With PPP you have to wait about 30 days for payment for a post after submission and approval. With Smorty all posts approved, usually within 5 days of submission, within the week are paid that week. This is a great way to supplement income to your blog and get paid weekly.

Another plus is that the posting requirements aren't quite as restrictive as PPP. There isn't a tracking image which is nice. Overall I really like Smorty and really think it would make a great addition to your online get paid for blogging ventures. So stop on by and check it out. You just might be glad you did.

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