Friday, November 9, 2007

Ultimate Paintball Ultimate Present

I know it seems to early to be talking about Christmas. What can I say I love this time of year. As soon as the weather starts turning a bit cooler and the leaves start changing I start looking forward to the holidays. Well a few days ago I posted about something that I would love to have for Christmas. Today I am going to talk about something else I would love for Christmas. I also think it would be a pretty good gift for most any guy. What is this great idea? Paint!

Yep paint. The bonus is this paint comes pre-wrapped in bright multi-colored little plastic shells. These ready to go presents are a great little thing called paintballs. Now here is the problem. You can't get just paintballs as this just wouldn't be nearly as much fun and actually having some paintball guns from which to shoot them. Notice I said guns plural. No guy, or gal for that matter, should find himself on the paintball field of battle with only a single gun. No that just wouldn't do. I know when I go out I carry at least 2 sometimes 3. I always always carry both of my spyder paintball guns, I have a blue vs3 and an older vs1. Depending on which game we are playing and the competition, I quite often carry my 3rd gun an Ariakon pistol. Yep I'm a grown man running around in camo, with paintball guns, a vest(to hold all the extra CO2 tanks, paintballs, and grenades), a helmet, and a harness, all while shooting those bright colored little balls at other grown men, and the occasional lady, running around in similar garb. You might be wondering what got me started even thinking about this topic tonight. Well I was doing my usual blog reading and browsing and stumbled on site called Ultimate Paintball. Pretty descriptive name if you ask me. Pretty much says what you should expect upon visiting. They had the top brands I am familiar with Tippmann, Spyder, Smart Parts plus many more brands of both guns and gear. They have everything I as a paintballer could want, yep guys even paint grenades, from vests and harnesses to gun cleaner kits.

One really nice feature of the site, especially when it comes to gift giving, are their paintball gun packages. These are complete packages that include everything a person would need to get started paintballing. For someone buying a gift, or just a new person starting out, these packages are an easy way to insure that all the necessary things are purchased. They have packages for just about every budget and level of player, from entry level Spyder packages to the high end Tippmann packages for those guys that take it even more serious than I.

The prices that I saw were great and like I said they have products for every budget. Another bonus is that they offer free shipping on orders over $200 bucks. Oh, and mom if you are reading this, I would love to the have the laser sight they have that would fit my Ariakon pistol. I would be so cool if I had the "red dot." Do you see the red dot? Sorry, inside joke. Now you can't say you don't have a great idea for a present.

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