Thursday, December 6, 2007

Don't Buy Crap Furniture, You Will Regret It

That was some good advice I should have listened to. Well you live and learn. Let me tell when you are in the market for furniture buy the best your budget will allow. Let me tell you, if you can squeeze the budget, avoid particle board furniture. You want solid wood. I have never regretted spending the bit of extra cash up front to get a better product.

Why don't you visit and check out their large variety of high end Solid Oak Bookcases in several styles including – Mission, Contemporary and Traditional. They will ship to anywhere in the United States and many of the bookcases include free shipping! They also have Bedroom Furniture and Dining Furniture which is also high quality solid construction.

Now understand these are not your typical particle board bookcases you’ll find at Ikea or Office Depot. You know the kind. Assemble yourself, rickety bookcases that fall apart the minute you move them. These are Solid Oak Bookcases, come fully assembled, and will last for years to come. Now that is much better. This is the kind of solid furniture you Grandma had in her house. The stuff that lasts and can actually be moved and passed on without falling apart.
Bedroom Furniture
Now what is sweet in all this is that Barn Furniture is running a Linkback Contest. Do you have a Blog? Then help spread the word about Barn Furniture Mart for the chance to win a prize. The contest is simple, all you have to do write a post on your blog about Barn Furniture Mart and include a link back to their website. Everyone that participates will be entered in a drawing. One winner will be randomly selected to win their choice of one of some cool prizes: a beautiful Oak & Cedar Hope Chest, an incredible Mission Tiffany Lamp, or a Solid Oak Mission Spindle Bookcase. The prize even come with Free Shipping in the contiguous United States. Head on over and check out the great furniture and enter the contest as well.

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