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Finding Time For Romance Or Family

Modern life in big cities has many advantages; modern malls, exciting nightlife, many luxuries and conveniences. A convenient life style is at our doorstep. Probably the greatest advantage is a smoothly operated transportation system.

The downside to all these advantages is that our lives have become complicated and rushed. We are constantly trying to cram more and more into the 24 hours of a day, leaving very little time for our personal lives. We are also expected to do more things faster with very limited time to our exposal. Our friends and family are also very busy "living" - their time being robbed as well.

We are all suffering one huge drawback, modern living robs us all of our personal time!

So the question arises: When do we find the time to spend quality time with our partners and family? The common response is: "I don't have any extra time!" or "I can't find the time!".

So, how do we manage this difficult situation? It is all about priorities. We need to actively reserve private time - time for partners, family and friends.

Our jobs require that we make appointments, arrange meetings and set time aside for particular activities. We can do the same thing with our personal lives. As long as we realize that there may be a need for some sacrifices, but they should be small. And, in time, as your life becomes more organized, you will not feel that you are making any sacrifices.

One of the largest barriers against getting organized is that we are stuck in a rut; a particular routine; doing things out of habit. When we get home after a tiresome and difficult day at work, we only want to relax. We drop down in front of the television, watching our favorite show or sports program. When weekends arrive, they become an extension of our week's after-work-behaviour: doing a lot of relaxation and less and less constructive living.

You need to take a decision to change that behavior!

The question is how?

First of all, set one evening a week aside for you and your partner, or your family. Give this night a name. Names attach importance - call that night "family time" or "date night". You may feel initially as if this time is robbing you of your relaxation time, but you will soon experience the value of togetherness that "family time" brings. Making it easy. In that way you will not feel robbed of your private time.

Changing ingrained habits can be difficult. Routines are not that easy to break and should be replaced with something else. I have found that if you can stick with this new introduction into your life for three weeks in a row, you will have experienced the benefits and not want to go back to the old routine.

Now, the next question arises: What do I do with this newfound time?

You need to plan activities for this time, or its value will not be realized and you will relapse back into old habits. Discuss plans with your partner. If your "family time" evening is with your whole family, it might need some sort of consensus decision. Or, make it a surprise รข€" let a different family member come up with an idea each week.

Our family has practiced "family time" nights for a few years. The only time we skip them is during the holidays. But, we enjoy these evenings so much that after the holidays they "just start up" again.

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