Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Template Finally Working?

I have been busy lately with the Holidays and all and didn't have a lot of time to tweak the new template. There were some recurring problems with the recent posts section at the top, the label search would put the posts below the sidebar, and the post footer said "by Posted By Author". Those were the ones I knew about there may be a few more if you find any let me know.

The recent posts area in the subheader has been fixed and now actually shows the recent posts and the formatting is correct as the double graphic problem has been eliminated.

Whenever the labels were clicked it would appear as though the posts for that label weren't showing up. What was happening was they were being pushed down below the sidebar. I finally was able to track down that problem and correct it as well.

A small but annoying little issue was the post footer doubling up on the by Posted by before the author. This was a quick simple little fix I just had never gotten a minute to fix it.

I also tweaked post header to display a little graphic and the number of comments. I also tweaked the date and time display so it looks a bit cleaner. I may make a few more changes over the next week or so to the post header and footer, but for now I am done. If you notice any formatting or other template issues please contact me and let me know. I load the page in various browsers but I don't always click through on things. Also if you have any comments or critique of the new template let me know.

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