Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Remember When The Bell Ringers Used To Be Tough

What do you think of this years crop of bell ringers? I was entering the store the other day and heard the familiar bell ringing we all hear this time of year. I started looking around for the little red pot gaurded by the heavily bundled but cheerful bell ringer. After glancing from side to side I was unable to find the source of the ringing. After entering the stores first set of doors I found out why. The bell ringer was inside the store and sitting in a chair. I didn't have any cash on me entering so I passed by with nary a peep of a holiday greating from the person. Upon leaving I dropped a dollar and some change into the pot only to be greated with a curt, and certainly not cheerful, happy holidays.

Maybe this is a case of selective memory. Maybe the young bell ring had personal reasons for his location. Maybe rules changed or never were. Maybe maybe maybe. Though now that I am conscious of it I have noticed this trend at other locations as well. I remember growing up and even until recently when, in addition to normal holiday giving, we would give the bell ringer money just out of sympathy for them having to brave the elements and ring that bell. They always seemed to be cheerful and polite and that always made you feel good about giving. Heck I even remember my Dad buying one poor soul coffee to help warm her up. That is how I remember the bell ringers. Tough "soldiers" yet cheerful and full of the Christmas spirit. I wonder how donations are doing. Have you noticed the same thing or is it just me? Have you had a negative experience?

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