Monday, December 17, 2007

Stop Wasting Money Heating Your Whole House

Almost all the time during the winter when it is just me around the house I turn the thermostat down to 62 from the usual 72-74 setting when the lady is present. I figure I am usually in one room, the family room, watching TV and blogging in the PIP window :) and don't really need to be heating the whole house when I really just need one room. I also close the vents and doors in the guest bedrooms and the guest bathroom. This space is rarely used and so doesn't really need to be heated or cooled.

Despite being around for several decades, few homeowners truly know about or understand vent-free heating. Most have never needed to consider supplemental heating like they do today. As our society is becoming more and more focused on enrgy efficiency home heating efficiency is becoming increasingly important. A vent-free gas heating fireplace or stove is a 99-percent efficient and safe supplemental heating source that allows you to turn down your thermostat without the need for extra blankets and without adding to your energy bill. In fact, even though it’s a gas-reliant heating source, it actually reduces heating bills by 10 percent for every 5 degrees the thermostat goes down. How? These appliances operate without the addition of a chimney or vent, so every bit of heat that comes out goes directly into the rooms in which they’re installed. I have had a vent-free gas fireplace for years and love the look and the energy benefits.

Another great way to save on energy costs this winter is by using gas portable heaters to heat your garage, workshop, or even your basement. Models like torpedo and convection heaters are perfect for workshops, garages and any other outdoor setting. Make sure though that you get a heater with a built in safety shut off.

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