Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Truth About Six Pack Abs - Forget Crunches and Situps!

Our flabby stomach fat is hiding our 'six pack'!

The most important aspect of great looking abdominals is losing the
extra belly fat.

And the biggest mistake for anyone wanting 'six pack abs' is, wasting
time pumping away, training their abs directly with crunches, sit ups,
leg raises and other ab specific exercises!

Too often, people try so hard to get that 'six pack' to show , and waste
most of their time at the gym performing hundreds of sit-ups. Ab specific
exercises do not help in developing your core / stomach muscles.

And it will not burn stomach fat.

Lastly, crunches and other meaningless abs exercises will not give your
abdominals much resistance to work against.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is, your time is better spent on a full
body workout program that will stimulate a higher metabolic response and
increase the fat burning hormone levels in the body!

Therefore, the only way to strip off stomach fat is with a good total
body exercise program and eating a healthy diet.

After all, it is the stomach fat that is covering our abs, and all of us
have stomach muscles waiting to be revealed under our belly fat.

Losing the stomach fat is the most important aspect of attaining that
'six pack'.

The best exercises for losing that stubborn belly fat are exercises that
works on the largest portions of the body at once! Exercises such as
the Renegade Dumbbell Rows and Mountain Climbers on floor are very

Hence, you will lose much more body fat by focusing the majority of your
training time with special combinations of high intensity full body,
multi joint exercises.

High intensity exercises that works on large muscle groups such as the
legs, upper and lower back and chest are more effective for fat loss and
gives the biggest fat burning response.

So don't waste your time with hundreds of crunches or sit ups, instead
look at full body workouts that give enough resistance to get you down
to 6-15 repetition range per set are more effective. And if you eat
right, your 'six pack' will be showing.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is about losing that stubborn belly fat.

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