Friday, January 25, 2008

$1500 January Goal @ PPB

Back on the 15th over on my other blog Profitable Productive Blogging, I announced My Push For A $1500 January. In my PPB 2007 Year End post I mentioned that I had met and exceeded the earnings goals for Profitable Productive Blogging. My old goal was to earn $1000 from my PPB blog alone and $1500 total from all of my blogs including this one. My biggest earnings for my PPB blog are affiliate sales, paid posting, contextual advertising, and ad space sales, basically in that order. This and my other blogs vary between affiliate sales and paid posting. I was very happy that I met and surpassed those goals, and now it is time for some new ones. My goal for my PPB blog is to earn $1500 in January. I think this is a very realistic and attainable number.

Here is where the earnings stand for the month through the end of the day Wednesday, January 23.

Affiliate Sales: $647.26
Paid Posting: $303.07
Contextual Ads: $48.81
Ad/Link Sales: $10.00
Misc: $6.13

Total MTD: $1015.27

Why don't you head over to Profitable Productive Blogging and you can read my regular updates and get some great blogging and affiliate marketing articles.

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