Thursday, January 31, 2008

Buzzfuse Can Help You Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Buzzfuse offers bloggers and all other content creators highly powerful and cost effective marketing tools. How many times have you known that you produced a gem of an article, but just couldn't drive traffic to it? Well BuzzFuse has built a system that helps you get feedback, and uses a proprietary algorithm and ranking system to identify which content people are responding too. They then use this to match content to people based on a system that uses tags, social networks, and our ranking system.

You can also win some money while you are marketing your blog posts or other content like photographs. The basic BuzzFuse service doesn't cost a dime, but they do have a premium service that costs $14.99 and gives access to enhanced features, priority support, and of course the opportunity to make some money. Buzzfuse shares revenues with the top performing content in the system (based on the interactivity around your content). The amount of revenue shared grows each month. Buzzfuse shares revenues with premium account holders only. The February pool is at $3500! The amount will be split amongst the top 100 buzzing items. Plus there are bonuses of $500 to best blog post, $500 to best song, and $500 to best photo.

I think you might want to head over and check out the free service to see if it benefits you. I know it can bring in some traffic as I registered earlier today and have already seen traffic coming in. Also, if you are looking to make some money and market your site at the same time, you could always upgrade later.

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