Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christian Financial? I Report You Decide.

I came across this site They have a little cross in the logo, and a scripture in the top right corner of the header. They say they will help you the "Christian" way and they will do that with "Christian" financial assistance. You can get money for anything: paying bills, emergencies, rent, or even taking a vacation? I personally think that last part is a stretch, though the first parts are too once you look further into the site.

So exactly what is What makes it Christian and is what they do really done in the Christian way they say they will do it? Well to answer the first questions is simply a payday loans site. In fact to put it exactly
This is not a credit application. Christian Faith Financial is a financial matching service - matching prospective borrowers with prospective lenders.

So to answer my second question lets look at the whole site. Other than their main page with the "application", a FAQ page, and a policy page their isn't anything to the site. Other than the domain name and the few references in the header I can't find anything that I would say makes it Christian. I guess you just have to take their word for it. I personally don't think a payday loan is the Christian way to loan money. I don't find the practice in the Bible. So as not to drag this on, I don't see how the Christian aspect is anything other than window dressing and a bit of disingenious marketing.

I guess if you are in need of payday loan the site is fine. I'm sure it is probably a great service to match you up with several offers for payday loans. What it is not is Christian financial assistance. If that is what you are looking for you should move on.

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