Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Can Play A Song On My Guitar

Now this may not be that exciting to you but for me it is pretty cool. I had my second lesson last evening and learned my first song. It is isn't much a varying combination of 3 basic notes, but hey it is a song nonetheless. Like I was saying before I have always wanted to play an instrument but always found some excuse as to why I didn't or couldn't. Now no excuses I am learning to play the guitar.

I have actually been impressed with how much fun I am having practicing and working the drills. I find it relaxing in a way and will sit on the couch watching sports and picking away. Well at least until my girlfriend says stop. I honestly didn't think I would pick it up quite as quickly as I am. I know it will get harder but I am actually looking forward to it. Well that is it for this update. Later....

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