Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Hate Replacing Batteries

I really do hate replacing batteries. It sucks because just about everything I use takes batteries. From my cell phone to my laptop everything needs batteries. I find that I buy almost all my batteries online. Well other than the standard AA and the like. Pretty much any other battery I buy online. They are way cheaper online than going to Best Buy or Circuit City. I have been looking to buy a 2nd laptop battery as a backup and have been checking prices online. The cheapest I found for the battery I need was from

They had a huge selection of batteries for all kinds of gadgets and devices, from cell phones, printer and scanner batteries, laptop batteries, cordless phone batteries, to replacement MP3 player batteries. I need to get a backup 2nd battery for my cell phone too, so I checked and they have great prices on those as well. If you are looking for a battery check online to get the best price and save money.

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