Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm Learning To Play An Instrument

I have always wanted to play an instrument. My mother is a very accomplished piano player as was my ex-wife. My daughter is a naturally gifted musician with perfect pitch. What happened to me I wonder? I tried the piano when I was in my early teens and I just never really liked it for some reason. I caught on with the music and notes but the piano just didnt' seem to be my thing. I quit after about 2 months. I always wanted to learn the guitar but never found anyone that gave lessons and the dream just kinda faded with age.

My daughter has daughter has taught herself several instruments over the last several years, but had never had formal lessons. She started on the piano first picking single notes and pecking out songs. Then my mother mentioned chords and my daughter wanted to know about those. My mom showed her a few things and I went online to and a few other sites to get her some information on Piano lessons & piano chords.
This guy offers a ton of free lessons via email and his video lessons are great. As my daughter will most likely being doing most of her playing at church it was nice to see that he had some great lessons on worship & praise, Gospel, and traditional hymns. You can order lessons on DVD or he has lessons to download immediately.

Well my daughter finally decided on her own to do some formal lessons with these videos, a teacher, and my mom. This inspired my to finally learn an instrument, no excuses. I know that I am 30 and many people say it is much harder as an adult. Well this New Year I have determined to learn the guitar. I start lessons next week and am extremely motivated and excited. I might be posting some updates here as I go along. Wish me luck.

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