Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is There Strength In Diversity

Is there strength in diversity? Is diversity the opposite of unity? What do most people mean when they use the argument about strength in diversity? I believe the answer is no and no. I believe that most people who argue about the strength in diversity really bring division and they justify their division by saying that their disagreement is not divisive, but diverse.

There is no strength simply in bringing together divierse materials. But being diverse does not in itself mean lack of unity. If psalm 133 is correct, then if things are going to be good and pleasant and anointed of God, then we must have unity, not divisiveness. What we really need is for all the diverse parts to be fitly framed together according to God's plan and then there will be strength. Being different just to be different helps no one. If it did, then we could build our houses out of any scraps we could find and it would be strong. But when different views, talents and dreams come together for unity of purpose, God can and will, move.

From my Dad, Billy Long

Yours Truly,


Because You Need To Know What I Think

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