Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My First Guitar Lesson

One thing I resolved this year was to try and learn new things. Things that I have always wanted to try or to learn. The guitar falls in the "what I always wanted to learn, but never had the patience or persistence" category. I started the year determined to learn to play and after my first lesson last evening I am even more determined.

The instructor, Eric, has been playing the guitar professionally for 35 years. That is his job, playing and teaching others to play. He is a great teacher and his personality and instructional style fit well for me. Motivational and encouraging while still being firm in demanding that it be done right.

I was impressed with how quickly I improved during the hour lesson. I can actually get my hands to do two different things at the same time. I know this may not sound impressive but point your two pointer fingers at each other and then try to spin them opposite directions. I have already seen improvement in muscle memory and being able to locate strings and frets. Now granted there are many things I can't do as of yet, this was after all the first lesson, yet I am encouraged and excited. Now time for a little practice to get those fingers working like they should. Later.....

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