Monday, January 14, 2008

My Guitar Progress Update

If you missed the fact that I am learning to play the guitar well now you know. Aren't you proud of me? You can read my views on my first guitar lesson if you like. I thought I would give a quick update on my progress. After one lesson and one week of practicing I have to say I am quite impressed with myself. The instructor asked for only about 10 minutes a day for practice and I more than met that goal. I have found that I actually enjoy the practice, which is surprising to me.

All I have really been doing is going over and over the practice drills Eric, the instructor, gave the first class. It is simply drills to get the mind and fingers to work in sync and begin to learn the locations of the strings and frets. I liken it to typing. You have to build muscle memory so that your fingers can find the proper location without you even thinking about it. You learn by doing and doing it properly - slowly at first and then the speed will come. The drills are 1st finger 1st fret, 2nd finger 2nd fret from strings 1-6 up and down. Then the same with 2nd & 3rd fingers, 2nd & 3rd frets, and 1st & 3rd finger, 1st & 3rd fret. That is it. That is what my girlfriend had to endure for the last week. I usually tried to pull out the guitar while she was in the shower or something so she didn't have to listen, but it didn't always work out that way.

I am very excited to get to class this evening and compare my progress against the others. I am a bit of a competitor and it is definitely coming out even in this. I can't wait to get some more instruction and to learn new exercises and drills. I know this might sound funny to some but I am really enjoying the challenge. I have always wanted to play an instrument and I finally decided this year to do it no matter what. My goal was to learn an instrument in the first 6 months of the year, and I have no doubt I will accomplish it.

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