Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Son's Birthday

Well yesterday we had my son's birthday party. His birthday is actually on Jan. 1st. We just usually have the party around this time to move it from being so close to Christmas. People are already so busy and it just never seems to work out right there at the holidays.

It is hard to believe that my son is already 7 years old. What is even harder for me is that my daughter is almost 11. They are growing up way to fast. I know that is so cliche but believe me for me it is so true. Many times I feel I have missed so much. I love my kids more than any other people, places, possessions or any other word that starts with p. And I must say that I think they are the best two kids in the world.

I will admit, as I think any parent would, that I haven't been perfect. I have made some bad decisions. I have handled situations wrong. I have been just completely wrong on some things. I have overeacted and not reacted strongly enough. Once thing I have never done wrong is no matter what I have always loved them and wanted what is best for them.

I know that the month is over half way gone, and New Year's Day is already becoming a distant memory, yet I wanted to give a bit of meat to a decision I made and goal set. I am not a big fan of resolutions, but I am a big fan of high yet realistic goals. My goal for this year is to be a better dad, a better son, and overall a better me. With the help of God I have no doubts that I will accomplish all three.

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