Thursday, January 24, 2008

Valentine's Day With My Daughter.

My local Park District is having a Valentine's Day daddy/daughter Sweetheart Dance. I thought this would be so cool to do with my daughter. Not only will it be fun but I see it as a great opportunity to start showing her first hand how she should be treated on a date. She is only 11 and won't be actually dating for a while, but now is the time when I can begin to really teach her how a guy should treat her, and how she should treat him. If I just wait until she is older and just talk and tell her about respect that will not be enough.

Yeah this night of dinner, dancing, and music will be fun, but It will also be a teaching tool. It will be a learning tool as well. Activities like this are a great way to learn more about your kids. How does she act? How does she think? What are the ideas she has already about dating? Parenting is about teaching and learning. It takes interaction to really teach your kids and learn about them.

I am so excited to have this opportunity to do this for and with my daughter. If you have the opportunity to do something like this with your daughter or son, jump at it. Not only will they appreciate it but it will do you good as well.

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