Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm Getting Old

I don't feel that way but that is what my son tells me. He is only 7 so I guess me turning 31 would seem old. Yep tomorrow I am turning 31. Honestly I don't really feel any difference over last year, and I am probably in a little better shape than I was this time last year. I know for guys the "slowdown" usually doesn't start until about 36 or 37 so I have a few more years.

Considering most of my famiy, friends, and peers around me it would certainly seem I don't have much to complain about. I see guys younger than me overweight and balding looking years older than me. I have always tried to take at least a little pride in my appearance. I don't go over the top, but I do try and take care of my body and mind. I am sure there are some personal practices that some of you might disagree with but they work for me.

Anyway... here's to me and all of you like me that don't give a dang about a number. It is more about how you feel, think, and live that determines relative age. Maintain healthy thinking, live vibrantly, and your age really is just a number.

Yours Truly,


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