Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A little 5-0 Link Love

I found a really cool site the other day when looking for a new holster for my gun -L.A. Police Gear dot com. They serve the general public, military personnel (yes even deployed active duty!), security professionals, and of course police officers.

They carry top brands like Tactical Assault Gear, Galco holsters, a full line of Under Armour, 511 boots, and Surefire flashlights. They really do have a huge selection. They have everything from lighters to handcuffs, earplugs to gun care products, and more. Like I said they can handle large orders for police departments and security firms no problem. They can even ship to all of you active duty military personel. They can't ship everything internationally, due to customs, but they can ship quite a bit of what they sell so even if you are overseas check them out.

Anyway I just felt like passing along a little love so check them out and buy something ;).

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