Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Which Religion Is Right?

We are so often asked if we think all religions are right or just ours. Here is my answer. If you have two different reports of the same incident, one negative, the other positive, how do you determine which is correct? One may be totally wrong, one may be totally right, but in most cases reality is somewhere in the middle. Each version probably has enough in it, given the bias Of the reporter to determine , if carefully researched, the truth. So it is with religion. There are some that are totally false. They have no Biblical basis. Most contain error and truth. Most contain enough information in them, that if carefully compared to scripture would lead to truth. So the question should not be what religion is correct, but whether you are following the leading of the Holy Spirit. For as many as are Led by the spirit, They are the sons of God.

Pastor Billy Long
Apostolic Tabernacle

Yours Truly,


Because You Need To Know What I Think

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