Friday, October 24, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now! Can You?

I had the Intralase and Custom Wavefront LASIK done almost a year ago as a Christmas present to myself. I know a ton of people that have one type or another of LASIK, yes there are several different LASIK procedures, done over the last several years and they have pretty much all been extremely happy with the procedure. I am still 100% completely satisfied with the results. I don't have dry eyes, no halos, no stars, and no other night vision problems. It is still amazing to me that I can see and every once in a while I still think, "man it is late I should take out my contacts." Very funny... Honestly some times for people that haven't worn glasses or contacts their whole life or whose eyes aren't as bad as mine WERE :), it is very hard to describe to them the feeling I have just being able to see. You can always contact me if you want some more information on what I had done and I can also get you a decent little discount on your procedure!

If you are still wearing glasses let me clue you in on a Great Discovery: They were recently featured in an article in the Chicago Tribune here in my neck of the woods. Here is a link to the article if you would like to read it. has a huge selection of frames and all types of lenses from single vision and tinted sunglasses to bifocal and progressive lenses. Zenni’s sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer, with no middlemen and virtually no advertising budget so you get the hands down best price for your eyeglasses. They have glasses starting from $8! That is an unbelievable price.

Trust me you can't get deals like they have at your local chain or mall vision store. I never gave a flying flip about having big name pricey frames, I leave that up to my girlfriend. This place has all the same styles at drastically lower prices. These aren't cheap plastic, fall apart the first month frames these are nice frames and high quality lenses. Heck at the prices they have you can order 10-20 pairs for the same price you might pay at one of those big chains. Pick up some for yourself and your family sure, but with such great pricing you could even pick up some for the member of your family that loves glasses. I have an Aunt that has close to 30 pairs of glasses so if you have someone like that this would be a great gift. So if you still wear glasses check them out for some great deals or if you are looking to get away from glasses you should check out LASIK.

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