Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Paddling Your Children Abuse?

The issue of parental paddling has been a very polarizing issue. Many parents feel that when administered in the right manner paddling is a necessary form of discipline. Others feel that it can never be administered in the right manner and is always abuse. What are your feelings on this issue? Can paddling be administered in such a way as to not be abuse?

Another angle on the issue is that of privacy. There are those that feel that how they raise and discipline their children is a personal and private manner. Many times this issue also falls along religious lines and is viewed as a biblical form of discipline.

There is a story out of Wisconsin about a Pastor that is on trial for paddling his son. The pastor used a wooden paddle and paddled each cheek of his son leaving light bruises. The case is going to be tried before a jury who will decide whether the man committed felony abuse. What are your feelings on this case? Here is a link to the story in the Portage Daily Register.

Were you paddled as a child? Did you then and do you now feel it was abuse? Do you paddle your children?

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