Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kyle Orton Powers My Fantasy Team To Victory

While Kyle Orton's numbers certainly haven't been spectacular they also haven't been Grossman, Rex that is, like. When my two quarterbacks were sidelined due to injury and a benching I had to pick up one of the few QB's available. This was right before the CHI/PHI game and I really felt that CHI would win and Orton would have a nice game. Well the Bears did win and Orton had an okay game. When some of the other guys in the league saw I had Orton as my quarterback they were laughing at me. What is funny is that I am 2-1 with him and was 0-3 without. He gave me a solid 33 and change this week and the QB points really helped big time to secure my victory. Well that and Randy Moss having a few touchdowns...

Now who is laughing :)....

Yours Truly,

Cman "Don't call it a comeback...I've been here for years... :)" Long

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