Monday, November 3, 2008

Win An Xbox 360®

Who wouldn't want to get a free Xbox 360®? With Christmas coming an Xbox 360® would make a great gift. A free Xbox 360® would be even better considering the current state of the economy and it's impact on most folks's shopping budgets.

You can maximize the gaming experience of the Xbox by hooking it up to and HDTV. You also will need high speed internet service for the Xbox live service. The HDTV you have to take care of on your own, but the internet, Xbox, Charter HD service can be take care of by Charter Communications. They offer blazing blazing Internet and Charter HD for picture quality 6X sharper than standard TV.

Beginning on last Saturday November 1, 2008, you are automatically entered into the sweepstakes by purchasing online any one of Charter Communications’ products, i.e., High-Speed, Digital Video or Telephone. The contest ends on December 15, 2008. Now you do have to live in an area that offers Charter services, so if you don't you are basically SOL when it comes to this. If you do however here is what you can win.
Prize Pack Details:
XBox 360® Pro Console
XBox LIVE Headset
Wireless Controller
Component HD AV Cable
20Gb Detachable Hard Drive
That is a pretty incredible prize package. The really cool thing about the contest is that they aren't giving away just one prize package they are giving away one EACH DAY! That is right, order and try Charter Risk-Free for 30 days and be entered to win 1 of 45 Xbox 360® consoles. So if you are in the market for great HD service or great high-speed internet head over and enter the Charter Communications Xbox Sweepstakes. For complete Sweepstakes Rules go to

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